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Part One and Book Premise 8/20/16

Today I finished Part one of my upcoming novel, Etania! I am so excited to be 1/3 of the way through my book and closer to finishing by the time November comes around. The way I have measured this success is by dividing my novel into the three parts of most plot outlines: beginning, middle and end. This division is based on K.M. Weiland’s plotting advice, which you can read here.  Then I made word count goals based on about how long I would like my novel, which is about 75,000 words.  Part one and three are to be about 12,500 words, and part two is to be 50,000 words since it has the majority of the conflict. I actually completed about 13,000 words for part one, so I’m pretty happy.  I just started part two, which is why the Book progress app only shows like 1% done.  Anyway, while I was writing away, I thought I’d give you the summary of what my  novel is about, and hopefully amp up the excitement for it.

Here it goes:

Etania never wanted to be the daughter of a Lehrling (Layer-ling), the most powerful Neuma (New-ma) or power user throughout Tamnarae. She would rather spend time with her mother, becoming a a court recorder. Despite this, her father forces her to practice with his Aolehr (A-oh-layer) or specialized soldiers, even when she has no Neuma or athletic abilities. She tries to escape to the library where her mother works, but is attacked by a Skazic. This attack is just the beginning of a revolution where Etania must learn to embrace who she really is before it’s too late for her or her loved ones.

Photo credits: Love is the flower of life by Daisy. Check out her photo here.

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