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Updates from Marie 1.27.17

At the end of each month, I like to do a short update of what I have been up to so that my followers can know how long it will be until I finish the next book, why I might not be responding to emails, and overall fun facts. So, what five things is it this time?

  1. My husband and I applied and were accepted into an apartment.

After searching and wondering and praying, we finally are able to move out of my parent’s house and into our own place! We are so excited to start establishing a place to call our own “home.”  We are also grateful to God for this opportunity to rent somewhere reasonably cheap and safe.

2. Editing hasn’t begun yet.

Besides writing, I think editing my book’s manuscript will be one of the hardest things I will have to do. Part of the reason is that after creating this painting, I’m going to have to add new colors and erase parts of it to make it more beautiful. However, my editors have been extremely busy so I still haven’t gotten my manuscript back. But I wait with anticipation and gratefulness for their feedback.

3. I’m already six books closer to my goal of reading 14 books.

I think I might up the ante and make the goal 24. 12 fiction and 12 non-fiction books to read this year. Considering I’ve read four of the books from the Michael Vey series and one book from the Dealing with Dragons series, I think I am much closer to my goal and it’s a lot faster than I expected. I also finished one non-fiction book and I’m working on another. I had forgotten my passion for reading when I had to read for school, but now that it’s back, it’s back in full force.

4.  I attended my first conference for work.

Yesterday I went to a media conference in Los Angeles. While there, media leaders in my field (I’m not specifying for privacy concerns) exchanged ideas on how to promote and refine their field. Although their subject wasn’t directly related to mine (writing fantasy), I did find that they had great ideas about what works with social media. Like the fact that social media works best when it is a combination of marketing your own product and being a normal human being.

5.  I would like to expand this blog into a new section: Kindle Unlimited Reads.

I received Kindle unlimited from my husband for Christmas. At first, I was thrilled-tons of free books to read at my fingertips. But after looking through the titles and finding that most of the ones I wanted to read were not free, it was very discouraging. I also felt like some titles offered on Unlimited free were not of good quality. Thus, I wondered if anyone had put together a list of good Kindle Unlimited books. I haven’t found one yet (feel free to comment if you have), so I thought I might start one on my own. After all, I want people who read to come to this blog as well as writers.

Thank you for supporting me everyone! Don’t forget to share articles and quotes you find interesting or funny on any social media platform.

3 thoughts on “Updates from Marie 1.27.17

  1. I had a lovely typed out comment, until my laptop dismantled it. :Sigh: Okay, so let’s try this *again* (you should feel really loved right now 😉 ).

    Editing: Hate the process. For me, it’s harder than writing. Yesterday in my quiet time, I just started feeling led to revisit a devotional I wrote a few years ago. It was supposed to be my first devotional, actually. *A few years later* Still not done. But 1/3 of it is more or less done. I would call it done. It wouldn’t be perfection in the editing world, but I can’t let the fear of making errors keep me from sending out God’s message that is conveyed through the devotional.

    Kindle Unlimited List: Love the idea. I have the same problem with the free kindle books I come across. Some are really good. Others aren’t. I wanted to get Kindle Unlimited at one point, to read one of Heather Lindsay’s stuff, but still haven’t. I have tons of books to read, but haven’t been in the reading mood. I need to rediscover that passion at some point.

    The Apartment: This part is just a bit comical, I suppose. When you first told me about the apartment, the living room was all I could think about. Ohhh, to dream. See we have a living room (like most people in the USA), but I never get to utilize it. Being the introvert I am, I would only use it under special conditions. The living room feels more like “Caleb’s room”. While he doesn’t sleep in there, if he is home – that’s where you can find him.

    1. I feel very loved indeed!
      And glad to know I’m not the only one hating editing. It’s going to be a difficult process.
      Yes, I want to get started on Kindle Unlimited, but I’m still working on it. I still have some other books I’m finishing. A reader’s dilemma.
      Thanks for sharing!

      1. I have actually been in the process of starting up editing John 14 again. I have been working on mentally thinking on how I want the manuscript to look, in terms of the printed edition. So once I get caught up on things, I can “restart” the editing process.. I have found some good books, but still working on getting into the groove of learning to make the effort to read some each day (it would help if my kindle stayed charged up, so I could get to it). And, you are tremendously loved. The reader’s must read “Kindle Unlimited” list sounds good. It would be a tremendous blessing to your readers, perhaps even a way to draw in a bigger audience too.

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