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Updates from Marie 4.28.17

At the end of each month, I try to publish one “news” post to keep everyone updated on my writing progress. This monthly update is a great time for me to reflect and also a nice time to be encouraged by my audience. So here it is, some updates from me:

*Etania is slowly coming together and I may publish the first revamped chapter here on the blog. Stay tuned!

*My story was not chosen for an award by Short Fiction Break. Although I am disappointed, I keep my chin up as I know God blessed me with the voice of a storyteller for a reason.

*I was chosen to be a Bible Study Fellowship Leader. This task will be one in which I really need the Holy Spirit to guide me, but one that I am excited to start.

*I have decided to write what Jeff Goins terms a “manifesto.” This manifesto is basically a declaration of what I believe this blog is about and what I want my  business to be about from the near future. Here’s a taste:

I believe Christian stories should be read, heard and seen by others so that they may be inspired and encouraged in their lives. That’s why I have created this manifesto. So that others may see what I would like Marie’s website to be all about.

*I discovered a group of Goodreads members who are avid fans of Christian fantasy and have helped me find good books to read. I am so glad that I now know the audience who will read my future book, Etania.

Thank you for all your support!

Until next time,

Marie Elrich

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