Marie’s World (Glossary)

Leici (Lay-see)

A people group who has the Neuma of knowledge, superior eye sight

Naymatua (Nay-ma-two-uh)

A people group who have the Neuma of earth where they can grow plants or trees for battle or food.

Ningyo (N-ing-yo)

A people group who have the Neuma of water and can manipulate bodies of water, such as rivers, lakes or the sea.

Eritam (E-ri-tam)

A people group who have the Neuma ability to tame wolves and use them as hunting or battle partners.

Kinzoku (Kin-zoe-cu)

A people group who have the Neuma of metals, where they can manipulate any type of metal, as well as jewels and rock.

Draconian (Drake-cone-ee-n)

A people group who have the Neuma ability to tame dragons and use them to hunt or be with them in battle.

Hafif (Half-eef)

A human being who is a mix of two people groups, such as an Eritam and a Leici. They exhibit the powers of either or both of their parents.

Nothus (No-th-is)

An illegitimate child of a ruler or King. Ignored or rejected by their own society, they often live hard lives.

Lehrling (Layer-ling)

12 Lehrlings were chosen by Melchizidek to be guardians of Tearah and defeat Skazic. They each have a unique set of powers which can be stored into unique stones (diamonds, amethyst, ruby etc)

Aolehr (A-oh-layer)

Unique soldiers chosen by Lehrlings to help them eliminate Skazic and keep the peace in each territory the Lehrling is chosen to be a guardian.

Praytor (Pray-tore)

The soldiers of human kings who are a police force for each territory, enforcing law and restoring order.

Neuma (New-ma)

Powers which are given to each person to use for the glory of Melchizidek.

Melchizidek (Mel-keh-z-deck)

The Kingly son of the God of all, Adonai.

Adonai (Ad-oh-nai)

God of all people groups.

Tearah (Tear-ah)

The term for the entire planet.

Tamnarae (Tam-nah-ray)

The term for the country in which Etania lives.

Eyerae (Eye-ray)

The term for the country north of Tamnarae.

Calques (Cal-k-es)

The capital city of the Leici.

Khartome (car-tome)

The capital city of humans without Neuma in Tamnarae

Skazic (Sk-a-zic)

Corrupt versions of the people groups of Tearah.

Soacronis (So-ache-row-nis)

Corrupt version of Draconians. Covered in scales, bald, with bat-like wings, poisonous nails, and yellow lizard eyes.

Golems (Go-lems)

Corrupt minions of corrupt Kinzoku. Made of stone or jewels, they are immune to many powers.

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