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Updates from Marie 6.30.17

Wow, it’s been exactly one month since I posted on this blog, and so much has happened between then and now. Ironically, I was writing before a patriotic holiday then and now (July 4th is about four days away as I write). As promised, I will continue my monthly “news” post/letter for my friends, family and readers. So what has happened since the days before Memorial Day? Read on….

  1. My husband graduated from UCLA.

The ceremony took place on a Sunday morning, so we travelled down the night before and spent the night in a hotel. Then, we got up, ate breakfast, got dressed and headed out to the ceremony. The small group of graduates from the history department were situated on the a lawn, with hundreds of white chairs zip-tied together to form perfect rows. The weather was humid but not too bad, and my family from both sides managed to sit together in the row. The speaker was relatively good, telling us about how hard work and determination will get you anywhere in life-I agree. Then, we went to lunch at a wonderful burger place in Santa Monica (away from the chaos of Westwood) and drove home. Overall, a great day to celebrate my husband’s accomplishments.

  1. I finally reached the same point in Etania as I was before I decided to add details.

When I started editing Etania, it was only based on my friend’s edits, not on my own ideas. However, I quickly decided to make Etania a trilogy instead of a stand alone series, and that meant that I had to add in details I wasn’t originally planning. I am so glad I did because my friends in my writing group have agreed that the extra point of views bring a depth to my stories that wasn’t originally there. So now, I am finally at the point in my story where I was before when I started editing and realized I needed to add more point of views. Now I just have to finish it.

  1. I finished at least ten books in the last month before my Kindle Unlimited and pocketbook was emptied.

I am so glad to be more involved in Goodreads, which has shown me books that I can read that are good instead of terrible. I follow several authors of which I am a fan, as well as several new friends on Goodreads. I enjoy seeing their reviews and recommendations, as well as adding books to my “to-read” shelf. The time of free reading didn’t last long because my Kindle Unlimited came to an end, but I am finding ways to read. I borrow books from my local library and learn to love the feel of print again. After all, paperback books are a way to take a break from the screen. To follow me on Goodreads, click here.

  1. I am working on organizing my time to become a more effective writer.

I enjoy listening to podcasts while I work, especially ones which help me become a better writer, marketer or person as a whole. My favorites are by Joanna Penn, Jeff Goins, K.M. Weiland or Michael Hyatt. Michael Hyatt has recently taken a hiatus from podcasting, so I mainly listen to his backlist. On one of those older episodes, he spoke of how to be more productive and organized with your time. As a person who frequently overcommits and feels overwhelmed, I am intrigued by his ideas. I definitely want to implement his practical plan in my life and will be brainstorming ideas on how to do so before the beginning of real busyness when I am a BSF leader.

  1. Changes are the only constant in life.

This time of change was expected for me but it is still overwhelming for me. I had to move my horse into a new stable because the old stable is too far from my house. Then, my parents moved out of their house, which is difficult for me to accept. They have always been in my home town and now they are no longer a short drive away. I still think that I can hop over there at any time, and I don’t think the reality of their move hit me until I spoke to my mom yesterday. I guess I always had a dream that my brother and my parents and I would live in an ultimate family community, sharing babysitting duties and parties. Yet, the reality is that people have to go where God calls them to go, and so now my parents and my brother live away from me. I have to accept that and continue obeying God’s plan-even when it’s hard.


So that’s about it from me! I will see you next month (I plan on resuming normal postings in August). In the meantime, you can follow me on Facebook, Goodreads or email me at

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