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Marie’s News 7.28.17

July is always an interesting month for me. Not only is my anniversary this month, it is the middle of the year-a perfect time for reflecting on what I have and have not accomplished. I also think about where I want to go and what I want to do with this blog, with my writing. I took the summer off for that purpose-that I might reflect on everything I wish to do from now on. What did I come up with? Read on to find out.


  1. I intend to publish Etania December 1, 2017.

That date is very intimidating for me. I have never self-published a book before and I’m honestly not sure if it will turn out as well as I hope. However, I know I need to finish it and start getting more readers for my books. So, despite my nervousness, I am determined to finish and publish it for others to enjoy.


  1. The theme of this website/blog will change.

Before, I have written topics related to the Bible Study I am a part of, and I enjoyed doing that. However, my books are not Bible Studies (though I may eventually do a Bible Study), and so I think it is best for me to write something that is related to Christian fantasy. To that end, I plan on writing book reviews, travels that are related to story research, as well as news posts like this one.


  1. My newsletter will be bi-weekly.

Due to my new responsibilities beginning in early September, I will be sending my newsletter every two weeks instead of every week. That means blog posts will be bi-weekly as well. There may be a few times where it might be every week-perhaps during Thanksgiving/Christmas season when I don’t have vacation. Every post will be published on Friday and shared with my email subscribers first and my Facebook followers second.


  1. Check my Facebook page Daily for a Visual to Etania

I have been posting pictures that inspire me for my books on my Facebook Page. I would love for you to see those pictures and get excited that way for my book to come out. However, I know that Facebook has a policy for pages that most people who like the page can’t see my posts unless they are boosted. So, I ask everyone who has liked my page on Facebook to go to my page here: then click follow and see first. This will enable you to see the posts when I publish them.


These are my plans for the rest of the year. I’m excited to begin posting some new blog posts and begin interacting with you all again. I am glad I took the summer off to rethink where I was going with my blog and website, but I enjoy writing these posts. So when should you expect me to begin the bi-weekly posts? I intend to publish my first post on August 18th.  Put the date on your Google Calendar to read my first book review and travel post. Until next time, thank you for reading!

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