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Marie’s Reading Reviews: Hagenheim Series

If you’re looking for a medieval romance series, this would be the one. Although these books are supposed to be based on fairy tales, I found that only a few actually felt like fairy tales. However, they did follow a fairy tale type, where there’s a “princess” and a “knight in shining armor.” Each story is unique but interconnected, and it’s awesome to recognize familiar characters from book to book.

The Healer’s Apprentice

This is the definition of sweet romance. Simple, dramatic, and cute. A perfect read for a summer afternoon or to fight off the winter chill.
Also, it’s not “too” Christian as I have seen some reviewers state. This book is simply made for a Christian audience. If you’re not a Christian, then it’s not really for you. Faith is integrated, but it is not made to be “preachy” as some have complained.
That being said, there were some flaws, mainly because we didn’t have enough time with the characters. The book itself is barely 275 pages long and seems to move quickly from one emotion to the next. I would’ve enjoyed it more if I could’ve started with Rose from the beginning. That way I would’ve understood her foolishness more instead of being reflected upon post-action. I also didn’t like how the plot resolved itself with an obvious solution. I think I would have preferred more hints.
I believe this is like a first book, where it has some flaws but is fairly decent. I suppose that is why I decided to read the next book.


The Merchant’s Daughter 

This book was much, much better than Hagenheim #1. I enjoyed the first book in the series, but this one definitely shows more finesse about their growing relationship than the first one. However, after posting my first review, I found out that the first book in this series is the first book Melanie ever wrote! No wonder it had a few flaws. So all I can say is, read both and see how neat it is to improve with every book.
I may also be biased because I love the story of Beauty and the Beast and this is a retelling of that tale. I loved how Melanie broke my heart and kept it for both characters. I loved the drama and the intensity with which the story was told.
All I can say is…I can’t wait to read the next one.


The Fairest Beauty

Melanie continues to improve as a writer. This book is longer than her other ones but just as intense, drawing me in with its plot and characters. If I had only one complaint, it is the romantic repetition of phrases like “his warm eyes” “her beautiful skin” etc. However, this is to be expected in a fairytale romance, so I can’t complain that much 😉 I also thought this book had a lot more twists and turns than expected. The villainess doesn’t even seem that important after the first half of the book. Instead, she is more a foil to bring about the conflict of their relationship. So, if you’re expecting Snow White and the Huntsmen or something like that, you would be wrong. This is more about trying to see if their relationship could work when technically they were both engaged to someone else. That being said, there was plenty of danger, sword fights, and everything else you can expect in a fairytale retelling. Definitely worth the read!


The Captive Maiden

This book seemed easier to read for me than Book 3. Maybe it’s because I generally read it in one sitting so the story flowed easier. Maybe it’s because I understood how Giselle feels-to be rejected and wonder if the person who loves you is really true. There are no glass slippers, magical godmothers, or talking animals in this fairy tale retelling. But there is a very powerful story about a woman who has always buried her true feelings as a defense and the man who has done the same. This is the story of two broken people finding love with God’s help and protection, all in the middle of kidnapping, cruelty, and danger.


The Princess Spy

I absolutely loved this book. I don’t know if it’s because I found Margaretha charming and her problem talking fun. Maybe it’s because I never thought about the language barrier between those living in Hagenheim, who speak German, and those living in England, who speak English. I enjoyed how the characters developed and how Margaretha became more self confident alongside her love interest. Lord Colin reminded me of a character I am currently writing, who struggles with protecting the ones he loved since he failed in the past. Margaretha reminds me of a friend’s character, who can’t seem to be silent. I think because of those two characters, I found I could relate more to this book than others.


The Golden Braid

So, after having a few books where it didn’t really feel like a fairy tale, this one clearly became one. However, I think that this version takes a deeper look into the Tangled version of Rapunzel. Instead of Gothel’s flaw being greed, her flaw here is revenge and paranoia. I admit, it was hard to read this book because of Gothel. Rapunzel seems pinned in, imprisoned, and I have been feeling that way myself. To see her freed eventually was nice, and to see how it came together was even more amazing. I enjoyed the nice twist at the end, which you’ll have to read to find out.


The Silent Songbird

Okay, so I have very mixed feelings about this one. I enjoyed certain characters returning from an earlier book in the series. However, I didn’t enjoy the main character as much. I felt like she was trying too hard to prove herself strong and capable. She reminded me of a headstrong woman who defies her man just because she wants to defy him. Yet, I enjoyed Westley’s character the most, He was fun to watch as he wrestled with trusting Evageline.

I am an Amazon affiliate and that means if you buy this book with the link provided above, I will receive partial profit from the book. However, I do not recommend books that I do not like, and all the money I earn is so that I can continue to write what I love. Thank you for your support.

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