Who is Marie Elrich?

I’ve been writing since I could carry a pen in my hand and reading books at a flying pace since I learned to read. My appreciation for fantasy developed when my parents read Lord of the Rings to me as a child, and from there it blossomed into made-up stories.  I am especially fond of the fairy tale type stories, and enjoy light-hearted fantasies. With my passion for writing and reading, I attended a local university and attained my B.A. in English Literature and Language, which taught me what makes a novel great.  Now I spend most of my spare time writing my novel, freelance writing or writing my novel.

Other Facts About Marie:

 I am a Christian whose faith shapes my writing and gives me inspiration.

I am married to a wonderful man, who provides encouragement and fact-checks for my works in progress.

I run my own writing critique group named “Inklings” just like Tolkein and Lewis’ group. Our monthly meetings keep me accountable and inspired.

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Well that’s about it! I hope you enjoy everything you read and feel free to contact me with any questions.


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  1. <3 I love your "about" section! You are so open and inviting. Look forward to seeing where God takes both of us – as we listen to His voice! He will use everything we give Him for His glory!

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